15th Interdisciplinary Cerebrovascular Symposium

June 6–8, 2018 | Herrenkrug Parkhotel | Magdeburg

Welcome notes


ICS Challenge (MATCH)



Thank you for your interest in the 15th Interdisciplinary Cerebrovascular Symposium which will be held from June 6-8, 2018 in Magdeburg.

Registration fees

before March 26, 2018after March 26, 2018
Physicians450 EUR520 EUR
Members DGNR,
350 EUR420 EUR
Engineers300 EUR350 EUR
Students*200 EUR230 EUR
Non sponsor industry900 EUR1.200 EUR

Day tickets

June 6June 7June 8
Physicians250 EUR250 EUR150 EUR
Members DGNR,
200 EUR200 EUR125 EUR
Engineers150 EUR150 EUR95 EUR
Students*100 EUR100 EUR50 EUR
Non sponsor industry600 EUR600 EUR400 EUR

* Please send a confirmation of your status either to registration@conventus.de, Fax +49 3641 31 16-244 or by mail to Conventus GmbH l Carl-Pulfrich-Straße 1 l 07745 Jena (DE) indicating the keyword: ICS 2018

Payment and confirmation of payment
An invoice or confirmation of registration will be sent to you via postal or electronic mail within 14 days. This invoice is a valid invoice which may be submitted to the local tax and revenue office. All fees are due upon receipt of invoice/registration confirmation. Payment transfers must include participant’s name and invoice number. Payment is also accepted by credit card (Master-/Eurocard, American Express, VISA). In the case that you have transferred the registration fee shortly before the start of the congress, (up to 10 days prior to congress opening), we would like to ask you to please present your transfer remittance slip onsite.

General terms and conditions
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